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Latest Merge Pack: MM678 Merged 2022-06-18

mega (no media, 450MB; use with Media Pack 2021)

Media Pack 2021

mega (737MB)


Fixes or Revamp [more features and fixes]


Latest Merge Pack by Rodril: MM678 Merged 2022-02-15

one drive (full, 1.2GB)

mega (no media, 491MB; use with Media Pack 2021)

"Community branch"

last updated to Pack 2022-02-15


HD textures by Kraust, MM7 part (1.0GB):

mega (recommended)

HD textures by Kraust, MM6 part (96MB):

mega (recommended)


Revamp class skills table

Class skills comparison table (MM6, MM7, MM8, Revamp, Comm Merge and Base Merge)


Installation instruction

Thread on Celestial Heavens

cthscr's Revamp repository

Community branch repository

Issue tracker